custom, simple, roll top backsacks out of bozeman, mt

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

shipping news

for all of those who are living out of bozeman and have already ordered a pack, you are very lucky, the 30 dollars is going to need an extra 5 for those ordering packs shipped outta town, sorry. SO, if you live in bozeman, packs are still 30 bones.

Xtreme closeups

FRESH colors

some of the newest colors, ready for you to decide what goes with what


bailey could sit on these packs all day

Three little piggies go to market

these lovelies are en route to SAN FRANcisco

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inner sanctum

more colors where that came from

a new pack being served up

Gabe is into it

Gabe tries to decide what else he can put in the newest forest green knappsack. These things hold more food and beer and frisbees than you would even want at a BBQ

shaka brah

THE ultimate for bicycling

perfect pack for cruisin

put whatever you want in this pack and bike it all over town, or walk. Perfect for groceries, books, extra layers, water, or whatever else you like to put in backpacks. Roll top design keeps the weather out perfectly, internal sleeve to put a rigid back panel for a more aggro user, zipperless to show people you keep it real, not to mention some head turning color schemes all in a classic knappsack style.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fresh Packs

started the summer lineup today. I need to take some pictures to make you want these sacks!